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Guapdad 4000 Presents: Rona Raps

Last year was unbearable to say the least. It seemed like our entire world was in a simulation. Most people lost their jobs, their houses and their minds and for salvation we turned to social media. Thus birth Quarantine Radio, a instagram live show hosted and created by Tory Lanes which featured him going live with fans and other artist. It seems like the world found something to look forward and then it was abruptly taken away from the admins at Instagram. People once again found themselves lost with nothing to watch. It was during this time I found a gem on YouTube provided by Guapdad 4000. *If you are unfamiliar with who that is then click HERE.*

Guapdad is the mind behind Rona Raps, a web series that is essentially a stayathome cypher. Each episode features a verse from Guap (real freestyle like with rapping over someone else's beat) then we would transition to the location of another rapper and they would rap over the same beat. Each episode featured one to two rappers outside of Guap. He features everyone from Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa all the way to up and comers like Kota the Friend and Buddy. Lil Yatchy is featured on an episode and absolutely kills the Real Big beat [Mannie Fresh]. If you already know about this web series consider yourself in a class of PUT ONS , if you consider yourself lucky enough to not know what I』m talking about then allow me to introduce you to the real.

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