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GOT EM’… from PacSun

So as you may or may not know by now PacSun has decided to venture into the reselling game. The brand is already notorious for specializing in clothing that is on trend with what is hot in pop culture, even down to the shoes they already offer. Reselling is at an all time high right now, with brands and companies like Goat and Stock X taking leading positions. PacSun’s VP Richard Cox is supporting the decision to start reselling sneakers with offering a place for customers to now have a place where they can “complete a full look”. Not to mention the fact that Stock X and Goat are bringing in millions if not billions of dollars a year in revenue. I am sure PacSun is looking at this venture as another opportunity to get a bag. In 2020 PacSun made about 700 million in revenue and they are looking to make even more this year post “bandemic”. 

 PacSun’s actual retail website will not be hosting these higher priced items.  Instead you will be able to complete you purchases on a new site that the brand is introducing entitled “PS Reserve”. The apparel chain has tapped Micheal Guerra, the creator of The Magnolia Park, another reselling company, to assist in the authentication of the footwear and other assorted items that will be available to purchase. Customers can look forward to brands like Jordan, Yeezy, Supreme and other high fashion and streetwear brands to be sold on the site. There you will have the ability to shop and look around at shoes that have been previously purchased and are now being resold. 

We constantly would see an outfit from PacSun and then completed with footwear or accessories from Mag Park. The introduction of PS Reserve will now eliminate the need to go somewhere else to get the complete outfit -Micheal Guerra

Now I know reselling is a controversial topic of discussion only because everyone is on one of two sides. They either come from a time where reselling was something not widely practiced because everyone who wanted to buy they shoe was doing it because they have a genuine love for the shoe. Or they come from a time where the introduction of reselling on a wider scale meant that the authenticity of the shoe game was now compromised. We are seeing many more kids buy shoes just to resell them, and they are not buying one or two pair. They are buying hundreds making it harder for other people who might really want that shoe to buy them.  Some people can see how a nationwide apparel chain store who is now a contender in the reselling game, can further murky up how hard it is for people to purchase hyped items. I can understand how some people may feel like it’s an unnecessary move. However not everyone feels like that.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it the same people buying their clothes cop shoes from resellers all the time”  – Big Wolf

I want to know what your thoughts are, do yo think PacSun reselling shoes is a good move for the customers or is the shoe reselling market over saturated. 

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