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GodSpeedYourLove drops new song "Throwaway"

Words: Eazy

Photography: Cam Kron Instagram


Monday marked the release of local Rock N' Roll band GodSpeeedYourLove newest single, "Throwaway." This song come days after lead singer, Cam Kron announced that the group has been working hard these last couple months on releasing what is rumored to be their first complete body of work as a collective. As of right now they have been tight lipped on the title, most likely due to wanting to be closer to finishing and finalizing the project.

Although the group has a strong social media presence and has been performing live for what seems like every week, their last performance was the first Friday of the month at Riley's Tavern, the last single we received from he band was Day to Day. As of right now there is no word on whether Day to Day is going to be on the tape or not. Regardless I know their fans are looking forward to their first feature project and in the mean time, enjoying the singles and live performances. "Throwaway" is available on all platforms or check out the song below and let them know what you think about the song!

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