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— How often do rappers have to put out music to stay relevant? If you ask the fans, myself included, they would not mind a new song every couple weeks with an accompany album every couple months. However that is not really realistic, is it? I mean we do have artist who debut a new song every week but that is few and far in between. Fans are lucky to get more that one project a year from any of our tier 1 artist. I wouldn’t even go as far as to say lucky because putting out at least one tape, whether it be an album or a mixtape, a year with some features verses on other songs mixed in is normal for most artist, there are exceptions to this rule though.

Artist who are not included in the typical music rollout include, Lil Wayne, Young Thug and Gucci. These artist are synonymous with putting out more music a year than some of their peers do in three. Crazy thing is that I don’t think their quality of music is affected either. On the other side of that coin we have artist like Drake, Migos etc who, if we are lucky, will put out an album or a mixtape every other year! This kind of rollout is the norm for most artist. This allows for the music to settle within the core fan base and be discovered by fans outside the core. It also allows for the artist to work and perfect other music they might be working on.

This leads me to believe that there aforementioned artist, Wayne, thug and Gucci are not normal!

Now let’s talk about some of the unicorns of the music industry. Those artist who bless the airways with the raps and rhymes every 4 to 5 years. Just like how there are certain rappers who are able to release multiple projects a year and still not oversaturate the market, there are certain rappers who can not release music and still remain as relevant as they want too. These artist include, Kendrick Lamar, Jermaine Cole, Rihanna, Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino etc. These artist are the unicorns of the industry. As frustrating as it is for us as fans to want them to release music, they have reach this patina where the music they release is absolutely timeless, meaning it doesn’t matter if the music was dropped five years ago, the impact it left when it was released is more than enough to satisfy any musical cravings.

Now there is no formula for how rappers should drop but there definitely is a pattern that begs the question “Quality or Quantity?”

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