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Eye Street Swap Meet

Over the last weekend Bakersfield, California was finally able to scratch that itch that’s been there for over a year. With the start of the recent pandemic, Bakersfield’s monthly popular attraction First Friday has been on a temporary hiatus, with no real word on when of it it will be back. I speak for everyone when I say it shook the whole creative community in Bakersfield. I remember looking forward to First Friday and being able to experience the local art the city has to offer. I remember a good friend of mine had his art displayed in one of the studios that participated in First Friday. I also remember walking down the street and watching people create, paint and play music in from of me not only to make a living but to be able to showcase their passion to the world. It really brought the city of Bakersfield together. People who prepared all month, consumer and participants alike, was able to come together and be proud of the city they live in.

hout out to @con.firm for the video clips

On Sunday our very own Bakersfield Vintage located in Downtown Bakersfield held a swap meet for the city’s local creatives. Took place just right in front of Bakersfield Vintage on Eye Street. It was the first time that the owner orchestrated something like this and I must say it was beautifully done. The announcement went out Friday over the business’ company instagram and as soon as it hit, my timeline lit up with people advertising that they were going to be in attendance. Really felt like this is what the city has been missing for so many months. Come Sunday morning Eye Street was littered with booths and table with products ranging from shoes, posters and camera straps to clothes, paint supplies and as much vintage as anyone’s heart can desire. Not to mention that people came out in droves to not only see what this “mock First Friday” had to offer but to just get out and fellowship with their common creatives.

It was completely free to set up a table and sell, it was also free to shop. People came as early as 10:00 am to set their tables up, trying to find the best spot for foot traffic. Once their booths were up and running instead of manning their stations they took a lap around the street, admiring and even shopping at other peoples booths. I know my homies Big Wolf of WolvesLeadingWolves actually bought a painting from the booth stationed right in front go his. Even myself managed to find a vintage Ralph Lauren Polo side pouch from @Viciousthriftgame. Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve owned in a while. There was so many other products there that I didn’t get a chance to see everything. I did have someone go around and take pictures though, so please check out the pictures below and if you know some of these people or businesses please tag them!

shout out to Purp (@etf.exe) for the shots!

I spoke with the owner of BakersfieldVintage and asked if he planned on doing something like this again and he said he would look into maybe hosting a “Eye Street Swap Meet” like once a month, which would be amazing. So if you missed on this one keep ya hopes up! There might be another one on the way.

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