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– After years of anticipation and mostly disappointment, the world was given some new Isaiah Rashad yesterday. The song, “Lay wit ya” features the incredible dancer Duke Duce and let me tell you that the song does not disappoint! Both Rashad and Duce, as unlikely as the pair seem, SKATE over the Top Dawg produced track.

The last the world has seen of Zawop was 2020 when he dropped his single, “Why Worry”. If you have no idea that he dropped a song recently don’t fell bad, it was a loosie and it was not heavily promoted and the whole word had something a little more pressing to worry about. However Isaiah officially returns to the land of the living with dropping off what we can only assume is the first single of his highly — and I can’t stress this enough– highly anticipated album, After the Fire.

The album is scheduled to be released sometime in June and this is just the little but of good news that people needed to hear to hold on to whatever love they had for the artist. With his recent musical resurgence, considering it has been over 5 years since this man has dropped any viable music (The Sun’s Tirade 2016), I must ask the question….

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