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Different Breed

Different Breed by C.U.I. Jones dropped today and in celebration of the tape I sat down with the artist and we discussed the taped and its origins. Make sure you go support and listen to Different Breed now.


You just put out a tape, how does it feel?

-I feel proud I put a lot hours into this project the process was definitely necessary for my growth as an independent artist.

Talk about how the idea for the tape came about, what was your inspiration?

-I put myself into a different type of mode after my best friend passed away. I wanted to take my life and better my situation by doing that I had to make better choices and a line myself with my truth.

How did you formulate the theme for the tape, did you always know that you wanted sort of a matrix vibe, or did the tape start off as something completely different?

-The theme of the tape was not planned I made a decisions to showcase my dedication and that choice helped me create a path to Different Breed.

How did you settle on the name of the tape?

-I flipped a coin heads -- Different Breed, tales -- Self-Made.

I had the luxury of listening to the tape a few weeks ago and one of the biggest take aways is I felt like you were tapping into your versatility. Was this something you planned or did it just sort of happen?

- I was just doing my thang. My producers set the tone I’m blessed.

What is your process for beat selection?

- If it hits in the first 15 to 30 seconds I need it!

Who makes your beats?

- Josh Harris (@joshharrisbeats) and Juanito Jones (@whoisjuanito) have been blessing me since last year and Andre Hando (@theandrehando) usually has some heat tucked for me. I’m always looking for dope beats.

Who you got featured on the album?

- I got a total of 4 features. On the tape two of the homies are from Palmdale, Tyler Keys (@tylerckeys) and Malik jvon (@malikjvon), day ones had to do it for city. I was able to get blessed with a feature with Maddie Roberto (@maddie_roberto) another upcoming artists voice is amazing. Andre Hando is like a big brother and a mentor he helped me develop my sound had to have him on my debut album.

How did the features come about?

- Timing is everything, I already had those artist in mind I just had to make it happen.

I know you are apart of a group, how does dropping a solo tape fit into that dynamic?

- It's all love.

You have anything else you want to plug?

- Stay consistent and fuck what they talkin bout!

Thank You again! I wish you nothing but success for the tape and your career.

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