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Deshawn Visionz Releases Relapse/Run Two Singles From His Upcoming Project Thank God For The Homies

Sacramento-raised Atlanta-based artist Deshawn Visionz has released two singles [Relapse/Run] in anticipation of his full-length project, Thank God For The Homies. Each song plays a specific role in dictating where the artist is at in life and how that contributes to his overall artistry.

The single “Relapse”, which has received the video treatment, is currently sitting at about 1k views on YouTube and it sees Deshawn becoming comfortable with his life as an artist. Deshawn opens the song with the lyric, "Rap better than rap veterans/Glow melanin, skill effortless it’s apparent". A battle that many artists face is “Imposter Syndrome”, the fear that they are not good enough or deserve to be where they are. With time and growth comes the confidence and understanding that you can be anything you want to be. When asked about his inspiration for recording Relapse, Deshawn responds, "Relapse was me realizing my power in just rapping. For a long time, I didn’t have confidence in rapping & more confidence in just creating a song. This song was me regaining my confidence & remembering I truly am one of them ones." In tandem with gaining the confidence to rap, that artist must now rely on the people closest to them to either help actualize that goal or hinder it.

The second single, “Run”, dictates just that. Having to not only navigate the lifestyle that comes with rapping but the people who also in a way have to navigate that with you. Deshawn broke down the meaning behind the single by saying, "[The] song is about understanding the effects of me being super deep into being an artist. It’s hard to always be around my people or things that don’t add to the direction I am going & what it takes to get to that next level. Additionally, through that process fighting off a feeling of missing a certain individual that isn’t in my life but held a high place in my life so instead of taking the time to deal with my emotions I run away from it all & push it to the side."

Each song plays into an overall theme that will be explored in the full project “Thank God For The Homies” which a release date hasn’t been announced yet! Check out Deshawn Visionz's Spotify HERE to stream both Relapse/Run and check out the video for Relapse.

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