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Dave Chappelle: The Closer

On October 5th Dave Chappelle released his stand up The Closer. It’s his 6th and last installment in his Netflix stand up series and I must say he delivers. The entire show is meant to act as an answer to all of the transphobic and homophobic jokes he has told over the past five stand ups. If you are unaware of Chappelle’s comedy he has centered many of his more recent jokes around the LBGTQ+ community, more specifically the trans community. Which has resulted in many people calling for him to be cancelled. Of course he doesn't give a fuck but he decides to address those previous jokes by doing what he does best...telling more jokes.

The standup is not for the faint or the weak of heart. Dave Chappelle does not let up when it comes to his thoughts on the social commentary of what's going on in the world. He starts the stand up by addressing the cancelling of Dababy and how people’s anger was justified but misplaced. He makes it a point to say that a person can actually kill someone and no one bats an eye, but if someone has a thought that isn’t agreeable with the LGBTQ+ community the whole worlds is enraged. This seems to be the common theme of the stand up. Dave has no issue with the LBGTQ+ community, he is very transparent about this. His issue is the fact that yet another minority group has received more progress when it comes to its freedom than the black community has and instead of use that to help, they weaponize it when its convenient for them and use it to further demoralize the black community.

The stand up is a great watch and I believe it’s necessary, Chappelle is not afraid to have these conversations that need to be had, and he is not afraid to call bullshit when he sees’s it. If you have not checked out the special yet I suggest you stop reading this and turn it on. You will not be disappointed.

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