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Coronavirus Concerts

– What is the new future for concerts? Do you think rap concerts will ever go back to normal, considering how life is now with this virus, social distancing, staying 6 feet away and having to wear your mask in public. Is there a future where we can openly enjoy concerts? Or is there going to be a future where concerts will either continue to stay on the digital plane or consist of some crazy kind of mask regulations. And I am not talking about festivals like Coachella and Made in America, we have proof that they can practice social distancing. I am talking about those concerts at venues that hold like 200 people, places in Los Angeles like The Observatory and The Novo.

I don’t know if the people reading this have ever been to a concert let alone a rap concert, but they are a very intimate place, especially if the venue is small . Most times fans spend the entire duration of the concert touching shoulders and elbows with complete strangers. The idea of keeping clean and sanitary has taken a back seat to rage. *example below*

Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour 2016.

Especially if you’re in the moshpit. I can guarantee you that it will get sweaty and it most likely will not be all yours. But when you are in the thick of the pit, you aren’t paying attention to things like that. Your mind is consumed with the music and the feeling of being able to enjoy the songs you love in a different environment. The notion that someone can either wear their mask the entire time or stand 6 feet apart is just something that I can not see going well. I doubt convert goers would even abide by those rules and regulations anyways.

Especially for smaller places like the ones I mentioned above. Venues like Coachella and Made in America I can see it be very easy to implement safety protocols like that. We have proof that its possible. I am more concerned with smaller venues where they only hold a couple hundred people. I can’t see there being any successful protocols being placed there unless its a sever reduction in numbers as far as who can attend.

How do you think concerts held at these venues will be handled? I mean the best part about these venues is the fact that there are so intimate. Depending on the artist there is guaranteed to be a pit and because of the size of the venue, PITS GONE GET LIT.

Here is a visual of the size of some of the venues I was mentioning before.

However, I am curious on what you guys think. Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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