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Civ Pierre Talks One Horrible Day In America

Written by @ElijahxDavid

Photography off Instagram

*F%#@ The Algorithm is a music playlist curated by KILJOY magazine for your listening pleasure. At the end of every month these songs are put into a playlist for your binging necessities.

Earlier this week I sat down with Inland Empire artist, Civ Pierre. Pierre is fresh off the releae of his latest album, One Horrible Day In America. The tape is 12 songs long and seems to be a solo effort, with there being no features listed on the album. And I am completely fine with that, Pierre understand his artistry to the point where he does not give you the same thing on every song. Personlly the album is one of my favorite albums to be released this year. Civ is always trying to push the mold not only for himself but for his fans. During the interview he spoke about attacking this album with a different approach and really trying to accomplish new things.

Making this project the best music he has released yet. During the interview Pierre talks about taking inspiration for his approach from artist like Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. The stand out songs on the track are hard to pinpoint. At first listens the song Neverland seems to lead the pack, it actually was released as a single before the full album was released. But after a few more listens, songs like "I Pray", "Gun Range" and "Run Kids Stay Woke" seem to lead the album.

One Horrible Day in America is streaming on all platforms now and I suggest after you listen to the interview below if you havnet heard the album yet you go ahead and stream that. I'll even make it wasy for you and put th ealbum below as well.

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