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CHUCK: "People Aren't Going To Expect It"


It's been a week since Bakersfield rapper Chuck releases his latest EP, Back In The House. Since then it's been well-received by friends and fans alike. Back In The House spans 5 songs long for a total of 14 minutes of music. Real short, sweet, and to the point. Each song is produced by long-time collaborator Charcoal Avalon. This EP is very special for Chuck for a few reasons, Back In The House is Chuck's first EP that is available on all of the streaming services as well as it's a step away from what he normally gives his fans. "I want to make music that people are like, this is timeless or I can just go back to it because it's just so good. That's the next step and probably like more commercial records and stuff like that. So I think this is a good way to like show people I'm not just some boom bap rapper, you know, that I can flex a little bit on multiple skills. So it was fun to do that because Charcoal was always pushing me to do shit."

When asked why he names his EP "Back In The House, he responded with that's where they do their best work. Chuck and Charcoal have been working together for a while and it seems that the chemistry is best in the house. And they weren't lying, songs like the tape's openers "Second Wind" and "Wrong Crowd" certainly show the versatility of Chuck's style. It really proves that Chuck is capable of so much more, however, I think the standout of the EP is the tape's single "Hall of Fame", it's classic Chuck. The beat plays off Chuck's deep vocals. But personally, that's just holding on to what is familiar. The sleeper of the tape though comes in the form of an interlude from the tapes producer. "I really like his interlude though. That's probably my favorite part. Because it's gonna get people going."

But as good as Back In The House is, Chuck expresses that it's just a stepping stone to something bigger. "So this [Back In The House] is showing people I can do anything. Like when it comes to these vocals, when it comes to rapping, comes to song structure, and trying to put out good music, this is the start of it. The next step is that I'm trying to get into the clubs and go into different scenes. But I also want to stay on the side where women can gravitate to my music because those are the people that we are really making music for. You know, like when you think about it, women and kids because once you got them you solid."

With the release of Back In The House and the vibe of the tape and Chuck's future influences on the music he is wanting to make its really no telling what the rest of Chuck's career will lead him and his fans. It's always exciting to see rappers explore other parts of their talent and I for one am excited to see where it goes. If you are one of the lucky ones and have already listened to Back In The House then spin the block on the tape again but if you haven't had the chance to listen to the tape then check it out below as well as the video for Back In The House.

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