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Can I Go Viral?

Can I Go Viral?

Recently, someone asked me what inspires me to write and what the biggest struggle I encounter are. To be clear what I want, sort of my aspirations, is to be a journalist/editor. I have always wanted to be a writer in some fashion but it was not until a few years ago I decided on journalism.Before than I thought I wanted to be an author. However, it was a question that took me back because I had not thought about it yet. I’m always thinking about what I want to do but never really the “why”. I never really take the “how” into consideration as well. I kind of just take it day by day and write.

So I sat down and did some soul searching and I came up with an answer. I do what I want to do because ONE I do not want to have to wear a suit or a uniform for a career. I want to be able to showcase my style when it comes to how I dress, plus I ain’t get all these tattoos to not showcase them. I don’t want to have to conform my creativity in my style in any way. Now I know thats a pipe dream right, everybody has to sacrifice things in their life right. I am all for that shit but I rather choose what I sacrifice rather that it being the way I dress.

Now the second part of that question is what has been the hardest part. Naturally the journey is going to be the hardest part right. I mean everyone who has already made it and is living their dream all say the same thing, that “the journey is the hardest part and in order to see change you will need to commit and be consistent” . Now at face value all that shit is corny right? No, well I think so. But the more I think about it, the more I agree with it for the simple fact that we live in an age where everyone wants to be Viral. I mean everyone, everyone is hungry for that one thing that will bring them fame and then they hope they can ride that wave for every. Everyone wants that ONE thing to be their ticket into the big leagues. In a perfect world one article would either land me a job at COMPLEX or become famous in Bakersfield. That aspect of the culture is probably the hardest part because I understand that the journey is necessary. The journey is where we learn what works and what doesn’t, what we like and what we can live without. The Journey is what makes the craft so beautiful. I understand that and I always have but no one said that I had to be happy about it. Well I am sure everyone has said that but fuck it lol.

eally quick I just want to mention something, a while back I ran into the interview that is posted above. For those of you who do not know who that man is his name is Todd McFarlane as it says on the thumbnail to the video. He was an illustrator for Spider-Man and he went on to create his own superhero, Spawn as well as be the force behind movies, tv shows and toys all surrounding his character that he created. In the video he talks about his journey and how he got started and you would not believe what this man went through before he was even given a change to show people what he was capable. If we are being honest this is probably top five reasons as to why I am HUNGRY to make this work.If you don’t want to watch the whole video skip to 2:30-3:20

So here I am still wanting my ticket into the big leagues because in my head I know what I know and I need everyone else to know what I know. The thing that I have to come to terms with is that they will know that I know once I make them and that requires consistency and determination, which ironically is the hardest part of me trying to achieve my dreams… I have to be comfortable with talking to myself for a while.

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