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Campaignforthepublic Is Stepping Out This Summer

Words: E.Z.

Photgraphy: Lincoln Look


Bay Area artist Campaignforthepublic is back with some new music in the form of a full length tape and he is not alone. With help from his fellow artist Jemouri, the duo drop A Summer For You and Your Friends. A Summer For You and Your Friends is 9 songs long, with many of the songs centering around a summer love affair. Stand out tracks on the tape are "Anywhere" and "Hol On" both of which can be played on repeat! Campaign is fresh off dropping off the visuals for his song "Viva La Trap". I sat down with Campaign and we spoke on the aftermath of dropping a tape and as always what he has planned for the future. Read the full interview below and check out A Summer For You And Your Friends.

*Interview has been LIGHTLY edited for clarity

I know it's been a couple weeks and you've had time to process it but what did it feel like when the tape dropped?

Honestly it was a relief! We put a lot of time and energy into the project and to see where it came from to it actually coming out it was a good feeling.

What’s your inspiration behind the creation of the tape? I don’t think we had a real inspiration, but filling a space where the music was really for the women was key. I think we really felt like we wanted to do that in a different way.

The intro def sets the tone for the tape, summer full of romances. Is that what inspired the creation of the tape?

The crazy part is that the intro was the last song made on the tape. We were trying to think of a name for the project. Came up with the name then we based the title around the song.

Do you have a personal favorite song from the tape? Or does there seem to be a song that your fans seem to like?

The song that’s been doing the best is “Anywhere”, seems like that is the one so we will be doing a push behind that one.

Are y'all planning on making a video for the record?

Yup fasho! Just shot a video to the intro and that should be out within the next week.

As far as your artistic process did you have to do anything different for the tape?

It was different working with someone on a entire project but I enjoyed it. I think that was the biggest difference a lot of my sessions are by myself or I’m creating in my room so it helps when you can feed off someone else energy. It just always depended on the mood.

What made you ever decide to do a collaborative project instead of attack it on your own?

My A&R Lambo put this together. He knew we would make good music together and from there it turned it this tape. So we have him to thank for linking us for this project.

Now that you’ve worked on a project with a another artist do you see yourself doing something like that again?

I’m always open to it, but I think I’m going to switch towards making projects with one producer. My first project Somethin Lite, Nothing Too Crazy was produced entirely by Drew Banga and that was a good formula.

Always working, I respect it! Have you started working on another project already, or are you just digesting the recent release of A Summer For You And Your Friends?

I’m in the process of working on two more projects right now. Should have another one out hopefully by the end of September. [I'm] really just trying to stay consistent with the project. The people seem to really connect with the bodies of work.

I agree we live in a "I want it all right now" culture, so keep grinding. You already know I'm a fan and can't wait to see what you got coming out!

Appreciate you bro!

Check out the tape below and be on the lookout for what he has coming next!

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