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Campaignforthepublic Invites You to the Trap Lifestyle.

Words: E.Z.

Photographed by: unknown


Campaignforthepublic is quickly solidifying his spot in the music industry. The 29 year old artist from Richmond, CA has been able to escape the status quo of west coast rappers and brings a new feel out of the Bay Area. Campaignforthepublic recently released the visuals for his song "Viva La Trap". The video was directed by Bakersfield own Drewshotya. Campaignforthepublic does an amazing job invoking artist like Future, and Lil Baby to construct a song that not only champions the trap lifestyle but also spells out the troubles that come with such lifestyle. I sat down with the artist to get a better insight on the beginnings of his career and how his latest entry was created.

Let’s start off with the basics, what’s your name, age and where are you from?

Campaignforthepublic, 29 and Richmond, CA

So what’s the meaning behind your stage name? It’s not a typical name, more of a saying..why settle on that?

Honestly it was my IG name before I start making music. The meaning behind the name is really just never forget about the people. Politicians do a lot of campaigning for their agendas and policies and but want to make sure the people it actually effects don’t get forgotten.

I fuck with that, especially at this stage in your career you have more ability to influence people! How long have you been studying music? I’ve pretty much seen all your videos and you def don’t sound like a beginner.

Probably about 5 years seriously I didn’t start making music till I got hurt while I was hooping in college. So I got a late start at music. Then I kinda got obsessed with it and didn’t stop till I found a sound that I felt was hard to replicate.

Personally I feel like your right in this spot between trap and melodic rap, not so much like lil baby it’s more “rugged” if that makes sense.. Are you influenced by any rappers or musicians, do you have any body that you sort of look at their career and say “ I want something like that “ ?

I learned how to make music by listening to a lot of future honestly so that’s why my sound is catered towards that, but the music I will start putting out will be heading towards a different lane. More of bring the melodic rap to the currency type beats if that makes sense to try and have a more universal sound that can catch.

Talk about the inspiration about Viva la trap? Where did the idea for the song start and how was it making the song? And releasing it?

Honestly nothing crazy. My first song was called long live the trap so I just used that name as inspiration. I shot the video about a year ago.

Well bro thank you on choppin it up with me, def looking forward to the rest of your career.

Appreciate you tapping in bro forreal. Got a new project dropping in July.

You got a name for the project yet? And is it an album or mixtape? Is there even a difference musically anymore?

Yup it’s a joint project with @jemouriofficial called “ A summer for you and your friends” And I think just the mindset is different going into a album.

I feel that, well thank you again.

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