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Cam Kron Has His Sights Set On The Future

Words: E.Z.

Photography: Unknown

Studio: AKAtheStudio


Cameron Kron better known by his stage name Cam Kron is keeping busy by any means necessary. Along with working on new music with his band GodSpeedYourLove for their upcoming EP he has been working and releasing solo music. In the last year he has released two videos for his songs "Stoned" and "Never Again". He also has been busy with starting another music venture, Looking For Today. A band he started with one of his long time friends. I sat down with Cam and we discussed his earliest memories with music, his influences, working on music with both of his bands and what he has planned for the future. `

What is your name age and are you from bakersfield?

I’m Cameron Kron aka Cam Kron, I'm 24 was born and raised right here in beautiful Bakersfield California.

Do you enjoy living in bakersfield? Most people I know from the city are on the fence about it, especially those that have a creative outlet.

I enjoy Bakersfield for the most part the music scene is okay, there’s cool people and there’s dickheads but they will be anywhere you go you know. The one thing I can’t get past is the heat this shit sucks.

Yea bro the heat is crazy. So did you have a real big relationship with music at a younger age?

I’ve always enjoyed music like whatever my mom and dad would play I would listen to. My dad would play Blink-182 and that was my shit but the turning point for me was guitar hero. Playing that game made me realize 'oh yeah this is sick this is what I want to do'. Then after that I got a real guitar and started really doing the damn thing.

What age where you when you picked up the guitar? and how hard was it to learn how to play?

The funny thing is i’m currently taking guitar lessons because I didn’t pay attention when i was a kid. Music is hard straight up but that’s why I love it. I’m always learning.

I lowkey envy people who have musical talent, the most I can do is talk about people who are musically inclined. As a kid did you have any bands or any artist that inspired you to start making music, or even now who are your influences?

Naaaah you could definitely pursue your own musical venture I 100% believe that. The biggest inspirations have always been Blink 182 and Mac Miller, and going back to guitar hero the moment I saw Slash I knew I needed a top hat and guitar to be cool.

Slash was like the first person outside of hip hop that I though was the coolest dude in the world. I think I first seen you on @mxment instagram page and thought you looked like you rapper, so I tapped in and seen you were actually apart of a band @godspeedyourloveca. How did you get involved with the band and who are the members?

Fuck yeah slash is the man, but the band is honestly just full of homies. I’ve known these dudes for years with the exception of Jesse, I met him at one of my shows last year and now that’s my dude.

What's your experience working in a band? I'm not honestly too familiar with every band set up, but what it's like working with other people creating music?

Working in a band is sick because it’s a collaboration of great minds coming together to try and make one thing happen and that’s rock. However it can suck because now you can only get together and work on music when these other guys are available, or have creative differences but a true band/friendship will definitely get through it. And you get to get on stage with your friends and have a good time what more could you ask for you know?

As the lead singer do you like performing, is that something that comes easy to you?

I wouldn’t say it’s something that comes easy because there will always be the little bit of butterflies you get before you’re about to perform in front of people but it’s definitely something i love and enjoy. There is nothing that compares to being on a stage and seeing people move, dance , mosh etc to something you created . It’s all just in the moment and that’s why I love shows because you can only experience it so much.

I feel that I absolutely need to go to a show. Does GodSpeedYourLove have any plans on putting out an album or mixtape? Do bands put out mixtapes?

We are in the process of recording our EP right now which is what I would consider a bands version of a mixtape. It’s taken a little longer than we expected lol but it’ll deff be out around this summer. We’re hella stoked on it too!

I can’t wait to hear it, so far I’ve been a fan of everything that’s been released. Recently I noticed you announced you're in another band as well? What’s the name of the band and how does that work since you’re already in a band?

Yoo that’s a great question honestly. My new band is called Looking For Today and both bands have a different dynamic. In GodSpeedYourLove I only supply the vocals/lyrics because we are a full 5 piece band and in Looking For Today I write the guitar and the vocals because it’s just me and a drummer, much like a white stripes or black keys vibe. It’s very different jamming in both -- I love it.

What caused you to start Looking For Today?

I always want to write / jam / work on music. So whenever GodSpeedYourLove isn’t jamming I’m with Adrian doing L4T and if that’s not happening I’m writing or recording something always. It’s a blessing and a curse.

Always gotta keep busy, I understand it and respect it! Has it been easy to grow a following in bakersfield?

That’s tough because I don’t have the biggest following. I’m working on it lol but I have made a lot of friends in this scene and that’s what’s dope about the bakersfield scene is you will meet a lot of genuine people / artists who want to grow just like you so we all have to help each other out.

I completely understand, I’ve met (DM’d) a lot of cool people but it’s been hard to grow!! Does either of your bands have any upcoming performances?

We try to play as much as we can and stay busy. GodSpeedYourLove has a show at Jerry's Pizza on July 17th and then in Fresno on the 31st and then we play at The Backstage sometime in August. Looking For Today is still in the early stages but we will be playin here soon!

Well I can’t wait to see y’all perform, that’s all I got for right now but we are for sure going to talk again.

Yeah dude that would be sick! You definitely gotta come out soon. And I appreciate you taking time to talk to me.

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