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Brandyn Johnson releases new EP “Motion In Love”

Bakersfield singer Brandyn Johnson has released his highly anticipated Ep "Motion in Love". Spanning a total of 4 songs coming in at about 12 minutes, the EP so short and straight to the point.

A frequent collaborator of other local artist like Ness Julius and Joe Maynor Brandyn has been hard at work giving his fans more music. The last project brandyn put out, Heem 2, released last year in 2022 and was a follow up to his debut project Heem. Since then he has a number of appearances and guest features, all of which served as a taste of the new music Brandyn has been working on. With the release of the EP "Motion in Love" we can only hope that this means Brandyn is on the verge of releasing more music for his fans. Check out “Motion in Love” below and let us know what you think about the EP!

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