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Keyondreforreal- “Moshpit”

Written by E.Z.

Photography: Instagram


TikTok has become the biggest outlet for either established rappers who need to focus group for a new song, or up and coming rappers to gain some traction on music they hope one day would open the door into the mainstream. TikTok account keyondreforreal has become a popular source of outrages fight videos similar that of worldstarhiphop with one big difference. Instead of someone yelling out the battle cry "worldstar, worldstar" the videos are scored with his original sound, usually snippets of his music. His most recent release "moshpit" is keyondreforreal's latest contribution to hip hop.

We are truly living in a time post Travis Scott. As Scott rises into the atmosphere of superstardom, the younger generation of song makers are taking advantage of the sounds that made Travis Scott who he is today. The song evokes exactly what it's entitled, moshpits. With the same sample from Kanye West's Mercy , the beat is reminiscent of Travis Scotts and Ye's 'Piss on Your Grave' with its heavy synths as well as a crucial base line. It seems that this new generation of artist all have one thing in common, "WE ARE ROCKSTARS." Give the song a listen below and look out for more music to come.

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