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Before The Hype: Joony

One thing that I live for is music, the discovery of it, the exploration of it and the distribution of it and today I am here to introduce y'all to the newest artist I discovered on one of my deep dives through the internet.. Meet Joony, the 20 year old from Maryland.

I do not know much about him yet, still waiting for that interview but I ran across his song changes on YouTube and immediately it stuck out. If you know me then you know how I feel about the current sound of hop hop. With acts like Gunna, Lil Baby and Roddy Rich putting their stamp on the new melodic sound of rap, Joony fits right in. His newest tape out is Proud of You and the 6 song EP has no skips. However I had the pleasure of backtracking to his earlier tape that was dropped at the top of the year Silent Battles and its really is a stellar work of art. All though the music seems to just walk across the beat do not get lost in the melodies.

Joony has just as much to say and any "conscience rapper" in the game. It's always interesting to discover someone so early in their career seem like they have found their sound, because most times its just the opposite. Joony is prospected to be one of the biggest artist in the music industry, you just happened to discover him first here at Killjoy Magazine.

Proud Of You Silent Battles

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