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Before The Hype: Doechii

Meet Doechii. Doechii, real name is Jaylah Hickmon, is the newest signee to Top Dawg Entertainment. While the world is impatiently waiting to see if Kendrick Lamar will ever return to the land of music, Top Dawg has been busy recruiting new talent. Doechii is a 22 year old rapper from Tampa, Florida. She hasn't been making music professionly for too long, since late 2018. To date her most popular song "Yucky Blucky Fruitcake" sits at about 2.4. million views on YouTube and this was more than enough to convince Top to sign her.

She has a few tapes out at the moment including her debut EP Places You'll Go and her follow up Bra- Less, released in 2021. She actually lent a verse to [now] fellow label met Isaiah Rashad's "Was U Sed". Her debut single, "Persuasive" prod. by Kal Banks is the artist’s first entry after signing with the label. As of now the song seems to be well received sitting sat about 10k views on YouTube. There is no official video for the song yet but I am sure its not far behind. Definetly keep your eye on Doechii, needing no cosign, but I would not be surprise if we are looking at a superstar before her prime.

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