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Before the Hype: Chase Plato

Written by: E.Z.

Photographed by: Unknown?


The more and more I follow down this rabbit hole of new artist the more I realize that people find influences in the most unlikeliest places. Meet Chase Plato, Plato is still relatively new to the rap scene with only two songs listed on his YouTube page.

His track "Ice Cream Man" Invokes feelings of an early Pharrell/Ye produced tracks accompanied by aggressive in your face early Odd future/Tyler the Creator energy (including that stint where Tyler signed that one rock band.

Ice Cream Man is an ode to an era that in my opinion has influences in both the current climate of music making as well as the fashion. No denying that the 2000s has people in a chokehold right now. And as far as the music, there is this new sub genre of hip hop called "Hyperpop". Hyperpop is the combination of high intensity hip hop with heavy influences in pop music and electronic. Chase has been able to release music with the help of his team Assemble Sound, a collective out of Detroit. With only two songs out, there is still so much more in store for what Chase Plato has to offer. So if you haven't heard of Chase Plato by now don't worry you will, you just have the pleasure of hearing about him first here at KILJOY.

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