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Basslord Dev Is Aiming To Be One Of The Greatest.

Words: E.Z.

Photography: Drewshotya


July has been a great month for music. It's almost as if everyone is in competition to release projects for the summer. Earlier this month bakersfield artist BassLord Dev dropped his EP entitled Boneless Chicken Dinner. Basslord Dev is the CEO and Founder of Brimhall Records LLC. A music collective full of other local artist. Dev recently lent his lyrical talents to fellow creative Drewshotya with the filming of his out the field freestyle.

The tape spans 4 songs all of which are rotation worthy! The tape is very "braggadocios" each song reiterating the fact that Bassslord Dev is that n*****. On the song "One Of The Greatest" dev samples the viral Tik Tok sounds declaring, "I will be one of the greatest, that is a vow that is a promise". Just one of the standout moments of the tape. Check out the full length project down below.

Stand Out Track:

“One Of The Greatest”

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