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AG Club Enjoys Their Last Day On "Kevin"

Words: E.Z.

Photography: AG Club


The Bay Area super group AG Club is back with another cinematic treat. The group recently shared the visuals for their latest musical offering to the world, "Kevin". The video sees the groups front man, Jodie Fontaine take on the roll of a demon here to destroy the world, the second half of the video doubles on the end of the world by watching a cult led by group member Baby Boy warning us that the world is ending. The song acts as an allegory for what are you going to do on your last day on earth.

It has been a busy year for the group, even thought their last full length project, "Fuck Your Expectations pt. 1/2" was released last year, they have still kept busy by releasing music and accompanying music videos. AG Club has proven that the group dynamic is a strong as ever and the art of the music video is far from over. Check out the video below!

Stand Out Lyrics:

I ain't got an extra day, I can't let it go to waste

Doin' more than what it takes, put the label in they place

Took my foot up off the brake

Heard you niggas speakin', but, who's speakin' to my face?

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