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5 Songs You Should Have Already Heard

5. Baby Face Ray ft Pusha T- Dancing with the devil

I am not going to lie to yall I do not know much about the Detroit rapper other than he is a new act that seems to be making waves. He spent much of the last year on tour with the white MVP of rap Jack Harlow. The rapper taps Pusha T for the feature on the lead single to Face dropping January 28th, so watch out for that!

4. Monelo - We Not Humping

Its been accused that I do not appreciate women rappers and to that I disagree. Monelo is a newer artist out of Texas that has found her way in my musical rotation. Her breakout hit 「Beating down yo Block」 is an instant banger, and she has not slowed down since then. Her newest track 「We Not Humping」 is guaranteed to get up head moving in an upward and downward motion..

3. Earl Sweatshirt -

So Earl has been quiet the last couple years. Since his departure from Odd Future the rapper has shifted his sound and had really tapped into his boom bap roots in music. I was a really big fan of the off future rapper and with his most recent transition I was convinced that I would never listen to another Earl song again, but with the release of his latest tape Sick and single Titanic I can gladly say that for the time being I am once again a fan of Earl Sweatshirt.

2. J.I.D. ft 21 Savage and Baby Tate- Surround Sound

Now I would not consider myself a hardcore Dreamville fan. I appreciate the lyricism from damn near everyone on the team but I need some ignorance from time to time and I received a version of that in this song. J.I.D comes with an amazing flow that plays well off the low-key dominate 21 Savage verse. If not for the fact that we received new music 21 savage this song does an amazing job at holding anyones attention.

1. Gunna & Future ft Young Thug - Pushin P

Not but a fews days into the new year Gunna has delivered the song to beat for the song. With the help of long time collaborators Future and Thug the rapper has successfully turned the phrase 「Pushin P」into Hip Hop Lore. Any song that has that much power deserved to be at the top of any list for as long as it takes to replace the term with something just a little bit more enticing.

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