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4 Songs You Need Your Life Right Now.

Typically KILJOY introduces you to new music through KILJOY's Fresh Faces playlist curated on Spotify. However, here are 4 songs including their videos that we feel need their own spotlight!

Johnny Cocoa- "Celebration"

Johnny Cocoa is one of those rare talents that you do need so as much in hip-hop anymore. It seems that most artists nowadays are following a formula that has proven to be effective but as far as original as you can get. Johnny seems to have found another way to live. The Texas rapper released a video for his song Celebration. Celebration is a song just about that, celebrating all of the success that Johnny has acquired through his uplifting and positive music. Johnny starts the song off with the lines, I came up off a manifestation and hard work/Like what do you mean?/Don't be miseducated, I really came from the dirt/ Don't be speaking on me/Chitter chatter only lead to getting your feelings hurt. Celebration really is the song for those that are a fan of themselves. Check out the video below!

Nate Brazier - "YSK"

Funny enough for the general population New York drill is what really opened the doors for UK music to really find its place among the hip-hop community in the States. Since then more and more genre-bending UK artists have been able to find themselves with fans in America. London Based Artist Nate Brazier is one such artist. Nate has recently released his EP YSK. With that EP comes the lead single and title track bearing the same name. The song, as well as the video, are an audio/visual pair that will leave you wanting more. Nate opens the songs with this ethereal sound. Then after a verse from fellow London-based artist Louis Culture, the song transforms into this dance record. As trippy as the song is, the visuals ground the song. Check out the visuals to "YSK" below!

GroupThink - "Dressed For a Funeral"

Chicago based artist Groupthink's Dressed For A Funeral sounds/looks like it's straight out of a movie, project x to be exactly. Adopting sounds of the late 2010's indie pop music scene Groupthink serves as a reminder of the music millennials grew up on and a beacon for the younger generations. The video is almost an exact photocopy of those party scenes that were made so popular by artists such as Kid Cudi, Mike Posner, MGMT, and Asher Roth. Check Out the video below and let us know what you think about it!

Jermtown- "2002" ft FELIX!

Jermtown’s track 2002 serves as the time capsule that you didn’t know you needed! With callbacks and mentions to one of the greatest decades of music. Accompanied by his fellow artist FELIX, Jermtown, who hails from Michigan, opens the song with the lyric" she thought it was Gap/no baby this is Ralph". Call back to a time when Gap was in direct competition with the luxury brand. He goes on to mention, Rocket Power, Supreme, Left Eye, etc. If you're feeling nostalgic, then check out Jermtown's 2002 below!

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