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4 Da Loved Ones: A Planet Love Show




Friday August 5th Planet Love performed at the "4 Da Loved Ones" show in Los Angeles at Thirteen Play Lounge. Planet Love consists of 5 members, Britainee B, C.U.I. Jones, Zane Taylor, Andre Hando and Bernard King. 4 Da Loved Ones was hosted by DJKordrew as well as the lovely Justice Jackson. PLT shared the stage with other artist like Mikee Stone, Prestige and Friends and long time collaborator Justin Park who headlined the show. The group performed a few tracks from their recent project Off Indiana. The members of the group that have solo projects out all each took turns performing a few songs from their own catalog as well. The show was very entertaining. Crowd engagement was imaculate, almost felt like they were performing in front of a crowd of 50,000 people. Planet Love has been working hard to reach were they are now and their fans are quick to celebrate them. Check out some images from the show below and make sure you tap in to get information on the next time they take the stage!

Check Out the show Here

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