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In the rap game cosigns can be an acceptable form of currency for a featured verse. A cosign or a featured verse from the right rapper has been known to make many “newcomers” in the rap game reach a level of fame that most times isn't deserved. There are certain rappers that fans look too when it comes to the putting on of new talent. One of these rappers is Kanye West. Now even though West’s artistry is more than enough to catapult someone else's career into the spotlight. There have been a few artist he has collaborated with whose career have not broken into the main stream. I can already hear you asking your questions so allow me to introduce you to...

Allan Kingdom

If you don't know who Allan kingdom is do not feel bad. Allan Kingdom is an independent rapper from Canada. He currently has only two albums, Thestanda4rd and Lines with the latter one releasing in 2017. His most recent body of music though was released last year, an EP titled I Don’t Do This For Money. The title should tell you everything you need to know. However most people would recognize him as a guest voice on Ye’s song “All Day.” What was crazy about that song was its performance. Kanye debut the song during the Brit Awards in 2015. The performance incorporated real pyro techniques, which was insane. Most fans were excited to see that Kanye tapped this newcomer for the song and seemingly elevated his career. I mean dude was nominated for three grammies because of that song. However that was not the case, it does not seem too much has come from the collaboration. Allan Kingdom is still making music however the only people who could name you even one song are core fans.

070 Shake

Unlike the previous artist 070 Shake many people might have known about the artist before her association with Kanye West and G.O.O.D Music. She is part of a group where everyone in the group has 070 before their name. She hails from New Jersey, if you could not tell the 070 part of her name comes from her New Jersey zip code. In 2016 Shake was signed to G.O.O.D music. A year later she would be featured on Pusha T’s album Daytona. She was also featured on Kanye West’s Ye on the Song Ghost Town. Most people would agree that was the best song on the album. Since then it would seem that she has taken a step back from the lime light. She has been featured on other projects like DJ Khaled’s Father of Assaad and Nas’s Everything. She did release an album last year, Modus Vivendi, that was Complex magazines’s 49th best album of 2020. Again this is another example of how sometimes co signs are not always a guarantee of future stardom.


This one kind of hits close to home because I would consider my self a fan. Most people were first introduced to Valee through his video collaborations with the publication Elevator. Outside of that in 2017 he released his mixtape 1988 which is what caught Kanye’s attention and he immediately signed him to G.O.O.D music. From then he would go on to be release his debut project, GOOD Job, You Found Me in 2018 that was executively produced by Ye. He was later featured on Pusha’s Daytona album and Kanye’s Ye album doing the hook for “All Mine”. Since then he has release a few more projects and was even features on YG’s latest album. Even so the music still hasn't had the same effect as his collaborative work with Ye.

All three of these artist have been on notable songs with Kanye but for some reason have not found a way out of the title up and comer” or “underground artist”. This puts the argument of “Are co signs worth it” into perspective. Especially since there is a thing called the “Drake Stimulus Package”. The myth behind that is that when you receive a feature of cosign from Drake you career is suppose to skyrocket. Even though that sounds like a sweet deal, I think Kanye’s ability to make an artist hot is something that should have artist think twice about cosigns and receiving features.

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