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21 Questions With A Photographer

Written by: E.Z.

Photographed by: Efram Fitts


What's your name?

Efrem Fitts .

Do you have any nicknames?

I also go by the name Purp

Where are you from?

Inglewood, CA

Any favorite childhood memories?

Playing Marbles with my upstairs and next door neighbors, watching my older brother draw, watching the Hot Shots car club shut down Broadway and Colden when me and my family used to stay over there back in the 2000s and playing Mario 64 with my siblings.

What are three words you think your friends who describe you as?

Talented, cool, and supportive.

What's your all time favorite movie?

Dinner for Schmucks

What is your all time favorite song?

Poe Man’s Dreams or The Heart Part 2 by Kendrick Lamar

Whats your favorite article of clothing you own?

It has to be my green cargo pants.

What's something you love?

I love bags/ backpacks I’m a crack head for pockets and good compartment spaces or pockets in bags. I have one bag that I’m using right now thats always with me it’s a backpack and camera bag and it don’t look like a camera bag they are ugly as shit. This one is water proof so I can shoot in the rain and my stuff won’t get wet, super heavy duty, cool clips, nice pockets and space, and it’s big enough to fit me in a big guy

Do you have any hobbies?

I like to paint, bike, go to the gym, game right now I’m playing a lot of Elden Ring right now. I practice my 3D art and modeling, I make graphics, draw, and most importantly I photograph cars, and landscapes.

What do you prefer, photography or graphic designing?

Gotta say photography it’s my baby

Do you have influences when it comes to photography or graphic designing?

My biggest influences are Demario, Mohammed and Dtree each of those men taught me a lot about the art and life in general!

What was harder for you to learn?

I would say composition was the hardest thing for me. But it’s the advanced understanding of composition that had me stumped

Favorite photographer?

I have two favorite artist other than myself that’s 7th Era (car photographer) , and David Hockney (contemporary artist)

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

To not take shit so serious and to have fun. I’m in a race with my own self.

What's the hardest thing about learning how to be a photographer?

Finding your style in photography. Took me forever to find a style I still don’t think I mastered my own style yet.

Favorite lens or setting?

Favorite lens is the 35mm f.1.4!

When you go out to shoot, do you take any essential items other than a camera and lens?

I always make sure I bring my camera strap, a heavy duty multi tool, promist filter, a small note book, my backpack in specific is essential and I keep gum and sanitizer in my bag. I don’t want to be in my subjects face with stank breath lol so I keep mints and or gum in my bag

What's your most overrate piece of camera equipment and whats your favorite?

That’s a good question I don’t really have an overrated piece of equipment because I really try to buy the shit I really need. But I’d say my 70-200mm lens is the most overrated but it’s still a great lens to have in the arsenal. My favorite got to be the light bar I got from Mo or my battery grip for my camera I love shooting portraits so the grip helps with that a lot.

What has been your favorite picture you have taken?

Craziest experience being a photographer?

I don’t really have any crazy experiences yet most things I’ve experience have been tame so far I’m still waiting to see some really wild shit

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