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10 TV Shows For You to Watch During Quarentine

Quarantine has been going strong for about 10 months and there does not seem to be an end in sight. I am sure by now that you have ran through your list of movies and tv shows you were saving for a rainy day and are now just switching between streaming services to see what’s new. Well look no more….except at my article. I am going to list my current 10 favorite tv shows right now, all of which have more than 1 season(mostly). But for the most part you can binge watch these shows.

10. Slobby’s World (1 season)

Slobby’s World is a show on Netflix that was produced by Complex. The show spotlights the day to day of the vintage store Generation Cool. The story is ran by Robert Hall aka Slobby Robby and is located in Tucson, Arizona. The store specalizes in 80’s and 90’s vintage as well at some bootleg designs. Robby walks us through the everyday life of owning a vintage store. He introduces us to other creatives that have similar stores. He takes us around the world to sneaker conventions and fashion outlets. If you are into vintage fashion and learning more about pop culture I recommend that you check out the show.

9. The Last Dance (1 Season)

The Last Dance is a documentary that is now available on Netflix. It was directed by Jason Hehir and it was co produced by ESPN. The Documentary highlights the career of Michael Jordan and his time on the Bulls. More specifically it covers his championship eras of the Chicago Bulls. Now I am not really into basketball but this documentary gives insight to more than basketball. The documentary break down the behind the scenes of what life was for the ChicagoBulls during their championship run and what went into making that championship team.

8. Blacklist (7 seasons)

Imagine a show where the #1 criminal on “The FBI’s Most Wanted” list turns himself in and then turn SNITCH. The Blacklist stars James Spader as Raymond Reddington the high profile criminal and Megan Boone as Elizabeth Keen the rookie FBI agent. The show sees Spader’s character turn himself in to this rookie FBI agent agreeing to capture his “Blacklist” of notorious criminals in exchange for immunity. The show is very thrilling with a twist at almost every corner. It is definitely not your average crime tv thriller, I highly recommend you check it out. All 7 seasons are streaming on Netflix right now.

7. The Good Place (4 season)

We are getting closer and closer to the top 5 but at number 7 is The Good Place. The show stars Kristen Bell as Elenor Shellstrop and Ted Danson as Michael the Demon. Elenor has died and is seemingly in heaven known as The Good Place but in actuality because of the life she lived on Earth she is not in heaven. The show navigates what life is like..well the afterlife is like in a witty and comedic way. If you are looking for a laugh you will most certainly find it here.. in The Good Place. All 4 seasons are streaming on Netflix right now.

6. New Girl (4 season)

This one almost made the top 5 but not quite. New Girl stars Zoey Deschanel as Jessica Day and Jake Johnson as Nick Miller. The show follows Jess deal with a break up by moving into a building with three guys. The show sees all 6 main characters navigate through life with all of its ups and down but does it in a quirky way so to make it funny. I will tell you right now that the character Winston Schmidt is hands down my favorite character on the show. I am not going to spoil why, you will just have to watch it. Netflix is now streaming all 5 seasons. Plenty of material to eat away the rest of quarantine.

5. LoveCraft Country (1 season)

Lovecraft Country is a new show on HBO Max through Amazon Prime. New episodes are being released every Sunday. The show stars Johnathan Majors as Atticus and Jurnee Smollett as Letitia Dandridge. The show takes places in 1950’s America. The show is based off the book by the same name. It sees a marriage between the horror and sci-fi of HP Lovecraft and racist America. It really is a show that does not really rely heavily on the Black Struggle. Of course the struggle does play a part in the plot line, the show does not rest entirely on that story. The show is produced by comedian turned mega horror director and producer Jordan Peele. So I really don’t need to say anymore. GO WATCH IT.

4. The Boys (2 seasons)

Last year, Amazon adapted the comic The Boys into a live action tv show. The show stars Karl Urban as the character Billy Butcher, Jack Quaid as the character Hughie and Antony Starr as the antagonist and most powerful man on the earth Homelander. The show demonstrates what life would be like if people had superpowers. The show takes sort of a realiststic and political approach to that idea. The heroes are considered to be A list celebrities and instead of fighting some extraterrestrial threat, they are busy worrying about ratings and doing interviews. The show centers around the boys and their mission to dismantle superhero team The Seven this universes version of the Justice League. Oh it is is gory as hell so it’s not for the faint of heart.

3. SNL (46 Seasons)

We are down to the top 3. SNL has been on the airways forever. If you have not heard of the show then you have been living under a rock. SNL is a political sketch comedy show that has celebrity weekly host and musical acts. Let me tell you, SNL is hilarious. Sketch comedy is hilarious already but when it is done right…priceless. There are about 47 seasons so you should not finish it anytime soon. I recommend you get a Hulu subscription and start laughing right away.

2. Scrubs. (9 season)

Now Scrubs would be my number 1 favorite tv show of all time if the number 1 choice did not exist. Scrubs stars Zach Braff as Doctor John Dorian and Donald Fashion as Surgeon Christopher Templeton. The shows see them and a few other doctors navigate the world of being an intern at a hospital and then eventually becoming doctors. This show would best be described as a comedy drama. The mood of the show is not like Grey’s Anatomy or any of these other hospital shows. The show is grounded in the theme of growth not only in their profession but in their own life. The show definitely offers more than laughs, it offers life lessons. All 9 seasons are streaming on Hulu.

1. Community (6 seasons)

Well here we are, the end or beginning of the list depending on how you look at it. Community has been my favorite TV show since I knew who Childish Gambino. Community stars Joel McHale (Jeff Winger), Donald Glover (Troy Barnes) and Chevy Chase (Pierce Hawthorne). Them, along with a colorful cast, attend a community college for various reasons and have all joined a fictitious study group. Little do they know this would be the first of many shenanigans their study group would take them on. From a school wide paintball match to a school wide blanket and pillow fort. This show is full of witty humor and amazing storylines. If you do not listen to anything else I have said I recommend that you watch community, you will not be disappointed. They recently made all 6 seasons available to stream on YouTube.

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